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About Us

Cocktological Evenings started with a woodworking class. Unbeknownst to Dennis, it was a projects-based class. When the instructor asked for his project, he blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “Bar cart!”

A few months later, Dennis had a handcrafted wooden bar cart and nothing to put on it. He bought a couple bottles and started experimenting. If an interesting recipe called for a new ingredient, he’d add it to his collection and see what new cocktails he could create.

Pretty soon, Dennis had too much liquor to drink on his own, so he started inviting small groups over for cocktail nights to showcase his new creations. He prepared short menu and told his friends about what they were drinking. As the reputation of Cocktological Evenings grew, Dennis opened them up to a wider audience.

Today, Cocktological Evenings include three drinks and a presentation surrounding a theme. The themes themselves can range from “whiskey” to “childhood”, and the conversations they inspire are equally diverse. Evenings are limited to six participants. Every evening is unique.

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