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Gin Night

Did you know that gin became a major spirit because France was a Catholic country? Or that you used to be able to drink shots of gin straight from metal tubes in London?

Gin is a delicious spirit, and it has fascinating stories attached to it. This Evening, we'll be exploring the history of gin and telling stories about prohibition-era DC.

We'll start with Summer in the City, a refreshing, effervescent cocktail featuring ginger and basil. Then we'll sip on the Last Word, a pre-prohibition era cocktail with a kick from lime and Green Chatreuse. We'll finish up with a Ramos Gin Fizz Float, a sweet take on the Ramos Gin Fizz topped with ice cream and drizzled with a bourbon caramel.


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Early Seating
3/27/19 6:00-8:00

Late Seating
3/27/19 8:30-10:30

American Whiskey Night

Did you know that Jack Daniels was taught whiskey distilling by a slave? Or that the whiskey rebellion affirmed the power of the early American government to collect taxes?

The history of the United States is indelibly wrapped up with Whiskey. This Evening, we'll be sip some fine whiskey cocktails and explore the history of whiskey and early America.

We'll start with Two Shakes, a tiki expression of a whiskey based on the distilling techniques of Jack Daniel's teacher. Then we'll enjoy a Stolen Gold, a bracing mix of rye whiskey, yuzu, and herbal liqueur. We'll finish up with an Everything Nice, featuring bacon-washed bourbon and a pleasant kick from jalapeño syrup and mole bitters.

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Early Seating
4/24/19 6:00-8:00

Late Seating
4/24/19 8:30-10:30

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